Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thought I'd resurrect this!

It's a short one for a re re new entry.  After all it is 2018 a very long time since my last writing.  All I can say is life happens and it's been happening all this time even though I haven't been writing.  So what's new...It's 12:19 on April 18, 2018.  That's 12:19 am. So this is gonna be very short.  I'll tell ya what's new tomorrow.  I'm gonna go to bed.  It's Women's Bible Study in the morning and then work later in the afternoon.  But I'll explain that later.  There's a specific reason that I'm back but again, I'll tell you about that tomorrow.  I'll give you a's a new adventure!  Later gator, good night and God Bless your sleep too.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I Am Rejected

Hi on this Wednesday before Christmas,

I now must read up on how to blog.  I thought it was about writing but, apparently I'm misinformed or not informed at all.  I applied for ads to be posted on my page but....I didn't pass so for now, no ads.  I am going to improve tho.  It is fun and I'd like to be seen and I haven't fully done things that will get my blog in a position to be read, my blog isn't out there, view-able.  Of course I did know that I wasn't getting comments and was missing anything that was offered in the comment section.  You won't regularly be seeing new posts while I read and study up on this thing called blogging.

For now though, I mean since I'm already here I might as well chat a little bit.  I've finished all my gifts for my family and have thought about making a couple more gifts but not sure I want to.  I'm awful tired and I should have thought about this earlier but I was busy with family gifts.

I worked outside because of the temperature.  I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather while it was still available.  Suppose to turn cold again tomorrow.  So, I cleaned out the front flower bed and worked on the back as well.  Not completely finished but it's a good start.  Gave a few things to the flower lady.  I am going to take all the rocks, whole bricks and the few pavers, plus 1 good size barrel planter and 1 pottery pot and two metal tubs for flowers.  Taking my shepherds hooks but giving her the 2 trellis and a fence stake.  One of the shepherd hooks is stuck so I'm gonna work on it as I can and hopefully I can take it with me too.

If I don't get back to this no worries, I'll just be reading up on how to do it right.

ox's and blessings,   Judy...the studying widow   Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Like Pentrest

It's still morning and I've been lazin' around but the thing is I'm up.  Good morning to ya!

Excuse me for just a moment while I take my morning pills...K, done.!

The kiddo's classes and extra curricular activities and done for this week and next so no taxi service.  I do have tasks to do around the apartment getting ready to move.  It's suppose to be nice this afternoon so I plan to work on cleaning up the flowerbeds for the next resident and tidy up the outside.  Called the apartment manager but didn't get the info I wanted, No move in date yet...BUT I do get new carpet.  Yay.  I'm terrible excited about the whole move thing.

My creative tasks are to paint my newly acquired lamp which is presently gold to silver.  Also want to find out how to change the shade color which is now beige.  That will all be fun.  I worked on my watch band last evening and it looks nice and it fits, but it's not really how I want it so I'm going to keep looking around for the right bits and pieces that will be the right stuff.  I used blue moon stones and crystals and I like that.  It was my husbands Seiko.

Christmas is closing in and I have 2 more gifts to complete.  I'll get those done today too.  Then I'll make the short trip across town to deliver some to the kids house.  My wrapping color this year is blue with white ribbon.  All are wrapped the same, no doubt who they are from!!!

I have some reading to do also.  I found some articles on blogging at the Pentrest website and saved them.  I'll be reading up on how to set it up, what not to do, what to do, what to write about, etc., etc., and etc.   Hopefully I'll get better at this.  So far what I read encourages one to write sorta the way I'm writing and I'm glad about that.  I'll be growing and growing in this creative adventure.  But I'll tell you about what I'm learning as time goes on.  Of course, I'm excited about it!

Time to walk with blood pressure was really good this morning...yay!

Blessings today to all......Judy a Senior new blogger.... and Merry Christmas
My living room!

The lamp I will paint

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I Have a Plan

Good Evening,

After some thoughtful consideration, I think I have a workable plan that will work for me in the weight loss predicament I find myself in.  A little warm up here.  Seems like what I've tried in the past was something I suddenly had to adapt to immediately.  Not a gradual moving into.  I just had to change overnight so usually I had a couple of days to eat all the things I wouldn't be able to eat.  Like all the chocolate and ice cream, fried chicken and french fries, well you get the idea.

This idea of mine helps me to move slowly into the mental place where I will be ready to, in a couple of weeks, be able to in a natural way, eat the right amounts of the right things and stop at a regular time every evening.  I just began to write down what I've eaten for each meal and no in between food. Next Saturday I will begin reading labels and counting calories, measuring and all that.  I will eat 300 calories per meal and 600 split between 4 snacks.

Meal planing will be my mode this next Thursday and Friday...  I will log it all each day and hopefully this whole process will have tuned me up to follow the 1500 calorie eating plan.  In the past, once I begin eating well I feel better day by day.  Increasing my exercise should help that as well but I haven't really figured how that's going to work.  Yesterday it was 6 degrees and started out that way today.  Tomorrow it starts at 18 degrees, 37 degrees at 3 pm.  That's pretty cold.  I've done it before so I'll just have to set my mind and do it.

I'm looking forward to success.

Blessings to ya'll.     Judy             P.S. If you are in a battle of this sort, may God Bless you and give you the strength to pursue your goal and the continued encouragement to take it a day at a time.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Little by Little

It's me again,

Twenty pounds.  I think I've done nearly every diet out there and I have lost weight from time to time, but mostly just been disillusioned and frustration.  I lost a good deal of weight once but is was not a life style change so not long after I'd reached goal the pounds began to slowly re-appear.  I weigh about 30#s less than my heaviest weight ever.

So, when I think about the doctor saying I have to lose weight...I am befuddled.  Lose it or you are looking at a stroke not too far off.  Okay, now what!  I'm not in a financial place that I can pay to join a group or pay for a product or anything like that.   I'm thinking that until I can find and settle on a way to accomplish a steady weight loss I will eat what I have in my fridge and pantry and watch the portions.  I've already cut out the candy, cake, etc.  Don't drink soft drinks at all.  Just water and coffee.  Nothing in the coffee.  Cut off the salt.  Started monitoring the blood pressure as the doctor asked, recording it in the morning and at night.  Began reading the label on what I'm eating and trying to stay within the 300 calories per meal and the rest of 1500 daily calories is for snacks.  Snacking on fruit so far, and eating salad at least once a day so far, with vinegar and oil dressing.  I'll have to go to bed earlier to help stop the munching before bed.  For now probably thru Christmas this is what I will do.  Christmas Dinner will be watching my portions but to indulge in all I like.  Hopefully by the day after Christmas I will have found a diet I can abide by and begin to follow it on purpose.

I don't have a problem increasing the exercise part, it's not too much for me.  Half I'll do with Wendy and the other half by myself.  Probably in the mall.

Got all but one gift finished and wrapped and I hope to finish it all up by the end of tomorrow.

Blessings as always to all.       Judy, still learning to do what I'm told!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Half Is Gone....already!!!

Hi again,

Wow.  I knew I hadn't written, but I didn't realize that the month is half gone already.  I have 3 more gifts to wrap.  I told the grands I'd be over with their gifts sometime this weekend.  Time just seems to be moving so fast... In the mean time...

Packing and more packing. I heard from my boss today that I'll get to work 4 shifts during this month which is a Godsend. There's the funds to complete the funds required for the move.  God is sooo good. My very good friend helped me pack again this morning.  I'm believing the apartment will be ready in time and no extension will be required.  

Had a follow-up cardio appointment yesterday.  Of all things...he wants me to lose 20#'s and wants to see me in February, I have to take a log of my blood pressure with me for that time.  Also have to exercise more than I'm doing now.  I walk a mile and a half most days.  I'll have to up it, but to challenge that, it's suppose to be unreasonably cold for the next week. 

Christmas celebrations are in process and I've missed two of them so far.  The next is a pancake breakfast Sunday morning before service, then Wednesday night will be a candlelight service. And, I'll keep packing and packing.

I sure hope all is going along well for you and yours.  It seems the Christmas season is always full of the regular things in life plus a whole series of additional things to celebrate the birth of Christ. I know it can feel overwhelming, but when you consider it's all part of His birth month and all the "to do" is in celebration, it can make it all fun and uplifting that we get to celebrate the most special of all birthdays.

Blessings as you celebrate.     Judy, celebrant  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's A New Day!

Hi everybody,

The sun is shinning, and I woke up this morning...IT's A NEW DAY.  Did you realize that this morning?  We get to start all over and though things may seem the same, there's an opportunity to be different.  To be positive in thought, to smile and not frown, to sing and not mumble, to get up and do something that needs to be done, to be active and not procrastinate.  To get up do and not just think about doing.

He is new every morning, new every morning, great is His faithfulness oh Lord, great is Your faithfulness Oh Lord.

There is a temptation as one seniorize's to sit and think.  After a bit, that thinking turns into remembering days past.  I've noticed that I can actually think of things and remember things that I've not had need to remember from a very long time ago.  Even conversations.  Sometimes it's actually a good thing because what I'm thinking about may be how to do a particular task.  If the thinking goes on longer it may not be so good and can turn my mood sour.  With God's motivation I've been able to turn the negative off when I realize that's what's going on.  

If you have issues with that, turning on music greatly helps...  The TV might not be a good choice if it is presenting negative talk or pictures.  Stepping out the door and just looking around and taking a couple of deep breaths, even just a short walk can change what's going on in your head.

I've determined not to just sit.  I tried that during my mourning days and it's just not a good thing.  Not productive in a good way.  It actually turns your mouth down, or at least I think it does.  So, I decided NOT to just sit.  Having said that....I'm done here, been sitting long enough, so I'm gonna get up and do stuff after I turn on some music.

Blessings to all.....            Judy, senior widow