Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sometimes really serious things happen in life.  This is one of those times.

Before I went to Kigali, Rwanda, Africa I did a lot of research on the country.  I found very graffic pictures of the 100 day genocide in 1994.  I traveled to Rwanda as a mission short term trip.  I can't really explain the draw I experience to the people and the place, but can say it will forever be in my heart.

This week it has been revealed in the international news that 1 million children have been murdered by chemical bombs dropped on the civilian citizens of Syria near Damascus.  Mass murder by nerve gas.

When the genocide happened in Rwanda, the world leaders discussed it and debated it.  This included the US and the UN.  The entire world stood by while whole families were murdered by machete and clubs.  No one stepped up to help.

This is what the situation in Syria is.  I'm glad to know that there appears to be a movement of US Naval ships moving in close and there are steps being taken to help, though no help has actually begun.

What can one person do?  Pray and encourage others to pray.  That's what I've done and that's what I continue doing.  Helpless?  No, not when you know the Master of the Universe and call upon His name "Jesus".  Sad, breaks my  heart...how much more it must break His heart.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


What changes you?  I was just thinking that this morning.  It is gray outside...had a bit of a cloud burst early this morning with thunder and lightening in the night hours.  It was wonderful.  Sets me up for a rather mellow and contemplative mood.

The idea of what changes me came after reading all the most current posts on fb.  I began to think about this question realizing that there are some things, I mean major things that have changed me in the last, oh say 10 years.

Death has changed me.  The realization that it's real.  It got too real for me when my husband passed away from cancer.  It was quick of which I'm glad but the recoop for me has been a long time coming.  It, death, has changed my perspective on life.  That makes sense...it would for anyone.  Not so concerned about it especially knowing that it's only the earth suit that dies.  I will be going to Heaven to be with my Savior Jesus along with all the other believers including my husband.  That softens the blow for sure but while I'm still in the suit, I don't consider it terminal anymore.  Mostly because of the knowledge that I won't die.

Rwanda has changed me.  Experiencing a third world country...a police state...a poverty life style.  Soldiers standing along the wayside with their big guns.  Being stopped by one in traffic to show identification.  Visiting a village.  The word village has taken on a new meaning.  No electricity, window panes, indoor toilet or running water.  Certainly no hot water for bathing.  Bare feet.  Their view of Americans.  Their perspective on life.

Recognizing how spoiled I am.  How free I am.  How totally unthankful I've been all these years.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Boot Scootin' Boogy

I have a knee scooter.  In case you are unfamiliar with that term...it's is made for people who cannot use one of their feet for what ever reason, i.e., broke it, sprained, had surgery on it or...

So, with a second surgery on my right ankle to correct and strengthen the fractured bone, I'm off that foot now for another 6 weeks or whatever it takes.  My daughter and I went to the medical store and rented this really cool device with handle bar and hand brake and a special pad to rest my knee.  The good foot then just moves me along...ala scooter.

It's a tricky thing at nearly 70 to ride.  Sometimes wobbly and sometimes it stalls out on a crack in the pavement.  I bit the dust yesterday, right out side my front door where my walk way meets the sidewalk.  Didn't quite make the turn and down I went.  Thank God, Chrissie was just a couple of steps ahead of me.  We were on our way to visit her sister.  I scared her.  I think I scare her a lot cause she sees how wobbly I am on both the crutches and the scooter.

Today I've been terribly tired and took a morning nap that lasted until early afternoon.  AND...here I am, tired again. This aging thing I'm living these days is just so unexpected. Guess if you are like me, until you begin to live the realities of it, it's just something that will happen down the line...but certainly not now.  And that's no matter what the age. I know there's lots of folks more progressive than I...it's just that, well, you know...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Was it worth saying?

Yesterday I spent a bit of time blogging about aging....what age am I really???  Stuff like that.  In the middle or maybe near the end I lost my internet connection and all I'd written was caputt!  Not gonna rehearse it cause I'm thinking maybe it wasn't worth saying!

I'm a recliner potato these days cause of my bum foot...I have to keep it elevated a lot of times.  So, not much going on.  It's almost always good to have time to just think about things.  So that's what I'm doing.  Thinking....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's New to Me!

I've changed my mind...a girl can do that when she wants too!  I'm not really painting anymore, by choice.  I somehow decided that I didn't want my efforts to be sold in a garage sale or just thrown away after I'm, up there...In Heaven!  They weren't really good enough to sell and I only have so many walls to hang them on so there ya go!

I've been focusing on not allowing myself to stagnate in the "age" bracket I'm in.  So, I took a step out and signed up to be a missionary.  I wanted to go to China but that didn't happen.  What did happen was, I went to Jamaica for a week and just got back from Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.  It's a very tiny country near the middle of the African Contenant just about a jog to the East of center. Totally land locked and nearly everything useful is imported...very expensive too.  I was there 6 weeks.  Much of me loved it and the people.  What's not to love when the temps range from 60-80, where tropical breezes blow and flowers bloom.  And, the songs of the birds are strange and beautiful.  The land of a thousand hills, so they say.  Pretty true too.  I think the only flat place is the airport runways.

I don't really know what's next for me, but I'm determined not to freeze up while I'm waiting to find out.  I will be studying for a license to minister panel interview.  By the time that happens hopefully I'll be taking that next step out.  I'll try to keep up with this and let you know later how it's all going.  I didn't tell that I'm 69 this year 2013.

 While others are cultivating the corn, I'm trying to sit in the shade but definitely teaching the kids hand games.
 Me, Hannah the daughter and her mother Becky were travel mates for this outing. Before we were dressed in the village ladies atire.
Simple toys and things to do.  This little guy was really good at this.  Remember the ground is not flat.
 More of a close up on the village dress.  The skirt serves as an apron for all the ladies.
These children became our onterage as we moved from one task to another during a day in a local village.  Never once did I see discontent of any kind among them.  Always interested and seemingly happy.