Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's New to Me!

I've changed my mind...a girl can do that when she wants too!  I'm not really painting anymore, by choice.  I somehow decided that I didn't want my efforts to be sold in a garage sale or just thrown away after I'm, up there...In Heaven!  They weren't really good enough to sell and I only have so many walls to hang them on so there ya go!

I've been focusing on not allowing myself to stagnate in the "age" bracket I'm in.  So, I took a step out and signed up to be a missionary.  I wanted to go to China but that didn't happen.  What did happen was, I went to Jamaica for a week and just got back from Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.  It's a very tiny country near the middle of the African Contenant just about a jog to the East of center. Totally land locked and nearly everything useful is imported...very expensive too.  I was there 6 weeks.  Much of me loved it and the people.  What's not to love when the temps range from 60-80, where tropical breezes blow and flowers bloom.  And, the songs of the birds are strange and beautiful.  The land of a thousand hills, so they say.  Pretty true too.  I think the only flat place is the airport runways.

I don't really know what's next for me, but I'm determined not to freeze up while I'm waiting to find out.  I will be studying for a license to minister panel interview.  By the time that happens hopefully I'll be taking that next step out.  I'll try to keep up with this and let you know later how it's all going.  I didn't tell that I'm 69 this year 2013.

 While others are cultivating the corn, I'm trying to sit in the shade but definitely teaching the kids hand games.
 Me, Hannah the daughter and her mother Becky were travel mates for this outing. Before we were dressed in the village ladies atire.
Simple toys and things to do.  This little guy was really good at this.  Remember the ground is not flat.
 More of a close up on the village dress.  The skirt serves as an apron for all the ladies.
These children became our onterage as we moved from one task to another during a day in a local village.  Never once did I see discontent of any kind among them.  Always interested and seemingly happy.