Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Horace Lloyd, my Dad

This portrait is the only one I have done.  It is a good representation of my Dad taken from a photo.  I'd had a few lessons in a community art class setting when this was painted.  I don't think that my abilities include the ability to paint portraits.  This took a very long time trying to get it right.  I think being so emotionally involved with the subject matter was probably the most influential element in the ability to "see" the subject clearly.  It was and is amazing to me that my eye can see something in the natural, but the emotional aspect of the actual interpretation of what I was seeing here was very difficult to clarify.  Well that was as clear as mud, just hoping you understand what I'm trying to say.  As a lot of little girls, my Daddy was nearly everything to me in so many ways, I loved him so.  He could just do anything, my hero for all of my childhood and even into my adulthood.  He was a good man.
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