Wednesday, August 14, 2013


What changes you?  I was just thinking that this morning.  It is gray outside...had a bit of a cloud burst early this morning with thunder and lightening in the night hours.  It was wonderful.  Sets me up for a rather mellow and contemplative mood.

The idea of what changes me came after reading all the most current posts on fb.  I began to think about this question realizing that there are some things, I mean major things that have changed me in the last, oh say 10 years.

Death has changed me.  The realization that it's real.  It got too real for me when my husband passed away from cancer.  It was quick of which I'm glad but the recoop for me has been a long time coming.  It, death, has changed my perspective on life.  That makes would for anyone.  Not so concerned about it especially knowing that it's only the earth suit that dies.  I will be going to Heaven to be with my Savior Jesus along with all the other believers including my husband.  That softens the blow for sure but while I'm still in the suit, I don't consider it terminal anymore.  Mostly because of the knowledge that I won't die.

Rwanda has changed me.  Experiencing a third world country...a police state...a poverty life style.  Soldiers standing along the wayside with their big guns.  Being stopped by one in traffic to show identification.  Visiting a village.  The word village has taken on a new meaning.  No electricity, window panes, indoor toilet or running water.  Certainly no hot water for bathing.  Bare feet.  Their view of Americans.  Their perspective on life.

Recognizing how spoiled I am.  How free I am.  How totally unthankful I've been all these years.