Friday, October 28, 2016


I couldn't believe that after I really retired and wasn't doing much Friday became just like any other day as did Monday.  Still think it's funny that I don't celebrate Fridays or drag on Mondays.  Monday has turned out to be a wonderful day and Friday??? turns out it's just fine Friday!

So today is Friday a truly busy day.  It began at 9:30 am at my friend's home for chatter and prayer.  Usually lasting 3 hours or less depending on our independent schedules.  Always a treat to just visit and pray together.  We've seen answers from time to time and that's always wonderful.

Lunch was next and then taking the grands to their different activities which included a class in writing and basketball practice.  I got home about 4ish.  Worn out but content.

Looking into putting ads on my blog to help draw readers.  And I think you get to earn just a bit of money for compensation some how or other.  Starting up an Etsey Shop: GrammsCottage/ is not a quick project.  I'm still working on it to get some sort of advertising to get the word out about my shop.  It's a hobby...both this blog and the shop and that keeps me active in creativity.

Blessings to all...I invite feedback on my blog.  Please feel free, just be nice.  Judy