Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wouldn't ya know it!

I stayed up too late last night and....forgot to blog!  I'll try to be better about this.  Ya'll know that it's sometimes slow getting a habit secured and that's the phase I'm in right'll happen though.

I really like writing whether I'm good at it or not it is a creative outlet.  I've read that if you want a blog following you have to offer something that the reader wants to read regularly so that they will come back again and again.  I'm wondering if/what my blog offers that is valuable enough to be visited fairly regularly by folks.  I'm imagining it would be seniors and maybe more women than men.

It helps, me when I'm doing something unfamiliar or in unfamiliar territory, to hear what other's are experiencing and if I'm normal.  Basically that's it.  I hope to say things that ring true with some in order to bring encouragement about aging.  Mostly telling about my ongoing life with some history thrown in might bring that kind of opportunity out.

On a different note....  I've been invited to attend a weekly journaling group at my church.  It's taken me several months to finally get there and today was the day.  I'm so thankful that I finally got there.  A super opportunity to sit at a table with a few ladies and talk about the reading for today, offering comments and life stories for examples.  It was a really good atmosphere to get to know new to me ladies and share God's Word.  I highly recommend it.  Encouragement is something we all need in a safe environment with uplifting words and hearts.  Lots of seniors tend to shut their doors and close the blinds isolating themselves from a younger fast moving world.  Some live in the senior complex where I live.  It takes bravery and courage sometimes to step out the door or raise the blinds.
                                                                 "Do one thing everyday that scares you-" Eleanor Roosevelt

'Til next time....Blessings,  Judy