Monday, October 31, 2016

Just call me "The Widda Chase"

I often try to use humor when things are going not so good.  As you might suspect it doesn't go over very well if at all.  No one seems to notice at all that I've said something (I think) funny.  This is one of those most desperate times in my life and the lives of my girls.  An attempt to lighten things up when others are not ready for it.  2006, January 17, 11:26 pm my husband "Skip" made his trip home. It was my youngest daughter who actually saw him go and after making sure she laid her hand on my arm and when I opened my eyes she said, "Mom, he's gone".

My daughters and I had gathered around his bed and began rejoicing and offering praise to the Father for taking him home to be with him.  It was a precious time for the three of us.  Recognizing that their Dad and my Husband was immediately with our savior Jesus, was a spirit and heart filling time.  Unexplained joy was in the room as we thanked our God for His mercy, and love for us all.

Well, there were phone calls to make and door bells to answer.  The three of us settled in the living room which was off the sun room where his body lay waiting for the nurses to come and declare the time of death.  Next came the folks from the funeral home and some visitors.  Though our energy was high, we were beginning to show signs of our tiredness.  It was while we were alone I said those words..."just call me the widda Chase".  No one laughed except me.

Shortly after all the people left except the three of us it was decided that my oldest daughter would spend the night with me.  So, that first night it was "Penny" the King Charles Cavalier pup my husband had given me a few months earlier, my oldest, and me.

I don't remember much of those first few days as a widow.  Skip (nick name) and I had been married just a few days short of 43 years.  He had retired from the USMC in 1981 and by 2006 we had spent years as Pastors of several small churches and then resigned and he had become a realtor and was doing pretty well.  I had just passed my realtors license to sell exam the day he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

We had plans for these senior years.  A whole lot of plans.

Hope to see you back here tomorrow to continue.  Blessings...... Judy