Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In December 2005

Hello, Good to see you back.  If you've read my blog before, thank you for touching base with me again.  Please leave a comment or question.  I'd truly like to read your input.

As I said before, in October Skip, my husband, was diagnosed with cancer in both kidneys.  It was a toss up on which kidney to remove they were both equally taken over.  So, as soon as the operation could be scheduled he went in and of course me and the girls followed.  BTW, both girls are RN's, each in different areas of medicine.  Skip came out of surgery and according to the doctor, everything went as planned.

It was while we were in his room after he came from recovery that the girls began to notice some things that didn't seem as they should be on his left side.  Being left handed was an issue as he couldn't hold his cup and couldn't use his left leg and foot to walk.  A neurologist was asked to come and evaluate him and his prelim was that there was a neurological issue causing the symptoms.  Quick arrangements were made for Skip to see a neurologist for testing.

From this time the hours and days seemed to run together and move so fast but not move at all.  We went to the doctor/surgeons office together to see the outcome of testing in the x-rays as well as hear the results of other tests that had been done.  Not good.  A tumor behind his right ear.  glioblastoma multiforme,  A highly malignant, rapidly growing type of brain tumor.

In the hall waiting for the surgeon to come out and talk to us about the biopsy.  And, waiting.  Not good, again.  The surgeon had to close up as quick as he had started because of the bleeding.  The tumor was growing and spreading fast and no options for removal.  We knew he was homeward bound without saying it. 

This is difficult to write about even though it's been ten years.  It was a hard, hard time.  More tomorrow.

There's a reason I'm going there and I'll explain tomorrow.  Blessings as you go.....Judy