Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another Day Closer!

Good evening Post Friends,

It IS another day closer, speaking of Christmas of course.  I've tried to make a couple of gifts using peppermint essential oil.  Wouldn't ya know it, I used too much.  That was two days ago.  So for two days I've hung them around the apartment, even laid them outside, trying to air them out and make the very strong peppermint smell die down a good bit.  So far it's not working.  I hope by the time it's Christmas Day, the gifts will be tolerable. I hope, I hope.

I use to be pretty good at crafting!  Oh well, what can I say?  I do have a few other gifts in the works too.  They are beaded projects.  I've been learning how to make jewelry for a couple of months, but these gifts are more of creative art done with beads.  So, hoping they work out.

In the mean time time the days are moving fast, even though it's only the 8th, the 25th will be here before I know it.

Not to change the subject, but I can't remember how many times our family moved during the Christmas Holidays.  So here I am again, moving during the Christmas Holidays.  I didn't mean to set it up that way, it just kind of worked out that way.  I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some milk carton boxes.  The're the best for moving because they have a cut out on each end for carrying.  So for me, they are perfect as long as I don't make them too heavy.

 My plan is to start packing up the messiest closet first.  Some of what's in it will need to be either thrown away or given away.  It's my craft supply and general catch all closet, so you can probably imagine what it might look like.  Any way that's one of the big reasons that the days are going to move pretty fast.  It's possible I might be moving just before the holiday, so I've got to be ready.

I'm excited about the new place.  It's a bit smaller than where I live now, but it will be much more pleasant and peaceful.  I'm looking forward to that.  I've been moving most of my life.  My Mom, I guess, taught me how to look forward to a new place, a new home.  She always brought home maps and books about our new town, new state.  The whole family would get involved looking up all the information she could find about our new town.  Then when we got to move into our new home we were all involved in putting our things in place.  It was exciting and fun because she made it that way.
When I had my own family, we moved often as well.  Always something to look forward to and because of my Mother, the decision to like our new home, new town, new state, new friends, was already in our hearts because of my Mother.  Deciding where to put things and where to hang things, it's all good.  I'll be busy and I love it!!!

Happy planning and shopping for the big days ahead.

Blessings as you go..... Judy, the packing widow!

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