Monday, December 5, 2016

Ladies Only

Goodmorning all,

This is about some things I've changed in the way I take care of myself since becoming alone and senior.  That's why this post is for ladies only.  Men can read it but probably don't care about it because it's all about make-up and stuff like that.

Some of the changes I've made is because of finances being limited as well as opportunity to research, which I just hadn't thought of because at the time there wasn't a need to pay less for things.  So, here's what I've changed about my daily routine and what products I'm now using.

For facial cleaning it's Unrefined Coconut Oil, and for an astringent it's Witchazel with Lavender.
For deodorant it's a small amount of Unrefined Coconut Oil because aging changes that area.
For tooth brushing it's a recipe for toothpaste using Unrefined Coconut Oil and Peppermint EO.
For oil pulling (google can tell you what this is)
For hair dry conditioning it's a very small amount of Unrefined Coconut Oil.  Brings shine as well as     vitamins, antioxidants phenol compounds.
For some cooking, although I'm not as good about that but it does enhance the workings of      metabolism which aids in weight loss among other things.
For whole body moisturizing.
For nail cuticles
For hand and body moisturizing.  Pintrest is loaded with recipes for all things coconut oil.

Let me just explain just a bit why I picked coconut oil instead of cheap creams etc from my fave department store.  Coconut oil is cheaper right off the bat than buying all the different items that fill the above needs.  Plus, it's actually truly good and clear of chemicals.  What's in it is straight from the coconut, unrefined.  All natural and it performs like no other.  I challenge you to read labels just for fun and see how many products use coconut oil as part of the ingredients, along with chemicals you can't pronounce.  And...I'm noticing a difference in my skin, a good difference.

Obviously I'm not a doctor or scientist of anything so what I know is from actual use.  If you want to know about that kind of knowledge you will have to google it :).   I've googled most and also used Pintrest and articles from misc. publications.

The fragrance is a different strength depending on the brand.  Mostly faint and not overwhelming so that you can wear your favorite perfumes.

I google almost everything. :)   How's that for a post.  All for this time.  Try it all, I think you will be surprised at how much you like it.

Later gator,     Blessings, Judy          BTW, I still haven't figured out how to downsize my photo.
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