Saturday, December 10, 2016

I've Always Loved Saturdays!

Happy Saturday,

Don't ya think we are kind programmed to like Saturdays.  It starts when you go to school (unless you were home schooled).  Then, when you had a regular M-F 5day a week job.  Now, being retired, I'm just so use to Saturday being an automatically happy day that it still makes me happy.  I don't watch cartoons, I sometimes watch the animal shows.  Looking at the clock on the wall it's 10 am and I'm still in my jams!  Oh happy day.

My very loose plans for the day include my hobby, beading; packing; piddling around, and listening to Christmas music thru Roku.  Gotta walk with Wendy as it warms up some.  It;s 24f right now, but it's suppose to warm up considerably as the day goes on.

Oh, I might do some outside clean up too.  I forgot about that and since it's gonna get really cold again in another day or so, now is a good time to work outside for a bit.

I noticed yesterday that I'm being prompted by fb to build a website.  Now, why would I do that?  Really!  I mean since I write on this blog, seems like I'd be doing nearly the same thing on a webpage.  I have enough to keep up with now.  I have an Etsy shop, plus this page, and then there's email and fb, pentrest, and of course google. So, again, I ask you, why would I want a website?

Speaking of this page, I guess you noticed that I finally figured out how to get my two pictures lined up and resized.  It looks much better I think.  I still haven't figured out how to get my "comments" box working so that comments can be made by readers and read by me.  But I do continue to work at it so who knows...

I'm getting hungry and Wendy is getting restless so I'm going to sign off and eat breakfast, get dressed and get moving.  Blessings to you and yours,

Judy.....Single and adjusting day by day....even liking it more and more!  Go figure  :)
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