Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Just Don't Know What Happened!

Good Evening Readers,

I thought I had retired!  I thought that meant that one didn't have a lot to do so I could maybe watch TV during the day, snooze during the day in the recliner or on the couch, do a little bit of chores around the place, read, maybe do a hobby, and that's a day in retirement mode.  I just don't know what happened to that whole concept.  It sure isn't working out for me.  NOT this gal!!!

I've just been busy doing all day long.  And now it's nearly time to hit the sack and there's still more to do if it weren't bed time.  I could stay up and do that stuff but then I might mess up my sleep schedule and they say that seniors should keep a regular bed time and wake up time.  I do try to do that very thing so I must then, keep the bed time.

The thing is, I still have stuff I could be doing and it's not suppose to be that way.  Guess I'll do that stuff tomorrow.  Oh, guess I'll tell you what the stuff is that I could be doing.  I've been crafting Christmas gifts and I need to get those things wrapped and the mess cleaned up so that tomorrow I can start on some more gifts.

I know I sound like I'm whining but really, I love it.  I love that I've been busy most of the day, got some things accomplished and I'm tired and will be able to fall asleep quickly.  Even visited with a neighbor, so was a bit social too.  So, as for retirement, well I think this is it since this is what I do.  I just don't know how that happened!

I'll be back....goodnight and God Bless!     Judy, Senior, Widow, Single, Sleepy!
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