Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's A New Day!

Hi everybody,

The sun is shinning, and I woke up this morning...IT's A NEW DAY.  Did you realize that this morning?  We get to start all over and though things may seem the same, there's an opportunity to be different.  To be positive in thought, to smile and not frown, to sing and not mumble, to get up and do something that needs to be done, to be active and not procrastinate.  To get up do and not just think about doing.

He is new every morning, new every morning, great is His faithfulness oh Lord, great is Your faithfulness Oh Lord.

There is a temptation as one seniorize's to sit and think.  After a bit, that thinking turns into remembering days past.  I've noticed that I can actually think of things and remember things that I've not had need to remember from a very long time ago.  Even conversations.  Sometimes it's actually a good thing because what I'm thinking about may be how to do a particular task.  If the thinking goes on longer it may not be so good and can turn my mood sour.  With God's motivation I've been able to turn the negative off when I realize that's what's going on.  

If you have issues with that, turning on music greatly helps...  The TV might not be a good choice if it is presenting negative talk or pictures.  Stepping out the door and just looking around and taking a couple of deep breaths, even just a short walk can change what's going on in your head.

I've determined not to just sit.  I tried that during my mourning days and it's just not a good thing.  Not productive in a good way.  It actually turns your mouth down, or at least I think it does.  So, I decided NOT to just sit.  Having said that....I'm done here, been sitting long enough, so I'm gonna get up and do stuff after I turn on some music.

Blessings to all.....            Judy, senior widow
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