Saturday, December 17, 2016

Little by Little

It's me again,

Twenty pounds.  I think I've done nearly every diet out there and I have lost weight from time to time, but mostly just been disillusioned and frustration.  I lost a good deal of weight once but is was not a life style change so not long after I'd reached goal the pounds began to slowly re-appear.  I weigh about 30#s less than my heaviest weight ever.

So, when I think about the doctor saying I have to lose weight...I am befuddled.  Lose it or you are looking at a stroke not too far off.  Okay, now what!  I'm not in a financial place that I can pay to join a group or pay for a product or anything like that.   I'm thinking that until I can find and settle on a way to accomplish a steady weight loss I will eat what I have in my fridge and pantry and watch the portions.  I've already cut out the candy, cake, etc.  Don't drink soft drinks at all.  Just water and coffee.  Nothing in the coffee.  Cut off the salt.  Started monitoring the blood pressure as the doctor asked, recording it in the morning and at night.  Began reading the label on what I'm eating and trying to stay within the 300 calories per meal and the rest of 1500 daily calories is for snacks.  Snacking on fruit so far, and eating salad at least once a day so far, with vinegar and oil dressing.  I'll have to go to bed earlier to help stop the munching before bed.  For now probably thru Christmas this is what I will do.  Christmas Dinner will be watching my portions but to indulge in all I like.  Hopefully by the day after Christmas I will have found a diet I can abide by and begin to follow it on purpose.

I don't have a problem increasing the exercise part, it's not too much for me.  Half I'll do with Wendy and the other half by myself.  Probably in the mall.

Got all but one gift finished and wrapped and I hope to finish it all up by the end of tomorrow.

Blessings as always to all.       Judy, still learning to do what I'm told!!!
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