Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hi folks,

Had a super busy day but a good one.  Got to go to a brunch and had a good time.  We made a rice filled sock with Lavender oil added.  For...draping around ones neck or elsewhere after heating in the microwave.  Nifty.  Then it was to Walmart to pick up my pre-ordered groceries.  Oh, then....well, you guessed it, home to put the groceries away.

Then, I replaced the wiring, etc., in a lamp that was given to me.  It's rather 1970, and I plan to paint what now is gold, black.  It is a 3 way and I haven't had a lamp like that since the 1960's.  It's on my night stand.  I think I love it.

Then, I heated up the left over pizza and had that for dinner along with some green grapes for desert.  Wendy and I have been in the recliner since watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  Haven't seen it in a very long time, so it's relaxing.  It's been rainy all day.  Very Christmastime!  I love Christmas.

Goodnight friends.  Blessings, Judy

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