Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's All About Jesus

Hi all,

Another busy day that was suppose to be full of nothing scheduled.  It soon was full of things and people to do and see.  Never the less, a good, productive day!

This Christmas is already much happier and lighter than the last one.  The answer is to focus on the reason for the season.  I haven't always done that.  In the past (10 years), I've focused more on myself and the songs about missing you at Christmas and I'll be home for Christmas, and many other songs that talk about being lonely.  Some of the songs are ones I listened to when my husband was in Viet Nam so that's what they remind me of when I hear them every year.  As these years have gone by, less and less I have spent time listening or remembering.

This year is a year of refreshment for me.  Remembering good things and forgetting the sadness.  Focusing on Jesus instead of myself and being sad...I expected myself to be sad so I was.  I've decided not to treat myself that way this year.  I've decided to change my behavior and thinking.  To enjoy the lights of the season, the colors and sparkles everywhere.  Even the cold weather is reminiscent of Christmas in the snow when I was young and when my family was young.  How very much laughter and red noses, and seeing our breath going before us.

The celebrations of the birth of Jesus, singing carols, parties with friends, gift giving, hot chocolate with marsh mellows, ice skating, snowmen, all in celebration of the birth of the Christ Child.  This is a good Christmas.  I'm so thankful for my Savior and so glad to celebrate His birthday this year.

Merry Christmas all.   Blessings, Judy             And, enjoy these days of this season, focus on Him.
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