Friday, December 16, 2016

Half Is Gone....already!!!

Hi again,

Wow.  I knew I hadn't written, but I didn't realize that the month is half gone already.  I have 3 more gifts to wrap.  I told the grands I'd be over with their gifts sometime this weekend.  Time just seems to be moving so fast... In the mean time...

Packing and more packing. I heard from my boss today that I'll get to work 4 shifts during this month which is a Godsend. There's the funds to complete the funds required for the move.  God is sooo good. My very good friend helped me pack again this morning.  I'm believing the apartment will be ready in time and no extension will be required.  

Had a follow-up cardio appointment yesterday.  Of all things...he wants me to lose 20#'s and wants to see me in February, I have to take a log of my blood pressure with me for that time.  Also have to exercise more than I'm doing now.  I walk a mile and a half most days.  I'll have to up it, but to challenge that, it's suppose to be unreasonably cold for the next week. 

Christmas celebrations are in process and I've missed two of them so far.  The next is a pancake breakfast Sunday morning before service, then Wednesday night will be a candlelight service. And, I'll keep packing and packing.

I sure hope all is going along well for you and yours.  It seems the Christmas season is always full of the regular things in life plus a whole series of additional things to celebrate the birth of Christ. I know it can feel overwhelming, but when you consider it's all part of His birth month and all the "to do" is in celebration, it can make it all fun and uplifting that we get to celebrate the most special of all birthdays.

Blessings as you celebrate.     Judy, celebrant  
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