Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I Am Rejected

Hi on this Wednesday before Christmas,

I now must read up on how to blog.  I thought it was about writing but, apparently I'm misinformed or not informed at all.  I applied for ads to be posted on my page but....I didn't pass so for now, no ads.  I am going to improve tho.  It is fun and I'd like to be seen and I haven't fully done things that will get my blog in a position to be read, my blog isn't out there, view-able.  Of course I did know that I wasn't getting comments and was missing anything that was offered in the comment section.  You won't regularly be seeing new posts while I read and study up on this thing called blogging.

For now though, I mean since I'm already here I might as well chat a little bit.  I've finished all my gifts for my family and have thought about making a couple more gifts but not sure I want to.  I'm awful tired and I should have thought about this earlier but I was busy with family gifts.

I worked outside because of the temperature.  I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather while it was still available.  Suppose to turn cold again tomorrow.  So, I cleaned out the front flower bed and worked on the back as well.  Not completely finished but it's a good start.  Gave a few things to the flower lady.  I am going to take all the rocks, whole bricks and the few pavers, plus 1 good size barrel planter and 1 pottery pot and two metal tubs for flowers.  Taking my shepherds hooks but giving her the 2 trellis and a fence stake.  One of the shepherd hooks is stuck so I'm gonna work on it as I can and hopefully I can take it with me too.

If I don't get back to this no worries, I'll just be reading up on how to do it right.

ox's and blessings,   Judy...the studying widow   Merry Christmas
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