Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Like Pentrest

It's still morning and I've been lazin' around but the thing is I'm up.  Good morning to ya!

Excuse me for just a moment while I take my morning pills...K, done.!

The kiddo's classes and extra curricular activities and done for this week and next so no taxi service.  I do have tasks to do around the apartment getting ready to move.  It's suppose to be nice this afternoon so I plan to work on cleaning up the flowerbeds for the next resident and tidy up the outside.  Called the apartment manager but didn't get the info I wanted, No move in date yet...BUT I do get new carpet.  Yay.  I'm terrible excited about the whole move thing.

My creative tasks are to paint my newly acquired lamp which is presently gold to silver.  Also want to find out how to change the shade color which is now beige.  That will all be fun.  I worked on my watch band last evening and it looks nice and it fits, but it's not really how I want it so I'm going to keep looking around for the right bits and pieces that will be the right stuff.  I used blue moon stones and crystals and I like that.  It was my husbands Seiko.

Christmas is closing in and I have 2 more gifts to complete.  I'll get those done today too.  Then I'll make the short trip across town to deliver some to the kids house.  My wrapping color this year is blue with white ribbon.  All are wrapped the same, no doubt who they are from!!!

I have some reading to do also.  I found some articles on blogging at the Pentrest website and saved them.  I'll be reading up on how to set it up, what not to do, what to do, what to write about, etc., etc., and etc.   Hopefully I'll get better at this.  So far what I read encourages one to write sorta the way I'm writing and I'm glad about that.  I'll be growing and growing in this creative adventure.  But I'll tell you about what I'm learning as time goes on.  Of course, I'm excited about it!

Time to walk with Wendy...my blood pressure was really good this morning...yay!

Blessings today to all......Judy a Senior new blogger.... and Merry Christmas
My living room!

The lamp I will paint
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