Friday, November 11, 2016

An example from yesterday

Yesterday was my day to volunteer at the Gift Shop in the Women's and Children's Hospital.  I started at 12 and was suppose to faze into paid time at 4pm.  The fella I was to substitute for was able to come in and so that cancelled that shift.  At 4pm I left the shop and headed to the parking lot to go home.

The minivan wouldn't start.  The hospital security will help in such predicaments, so I called them and it just so happened that they were on an emergency call and the dispatcher didn't know when they would be able to help me but they would come as soon as they could.  So, I called my good friend and she and her hubby.

Like a super hero they rolled up with their jump cables.  Well, the car wouldn't start.  Many retrys and much looking and discussion and it still wouldn't start.  An older couple came to see if they could help and the ritual started over.  Then a younger couple came over and the young man worked on the cables as though he knew exactly what he was doing.  Again, the ritual began, but this time there some differences but still, the car wouldn't start.

I was on the phone with my daughter bringing her up to speed when the young man indicated to me to turn the key on again.  I did and....IT STARTED!!!  Many Praises and Hallelujah's rang out as all of us cheered at the sound of the car running.

With all the hand shakes and thank you's it was found that the young man was an ex-Marine.  He and his wife run a ministry for people with drug and alcohol issues.  The two couples who joined us were all Christians.

Living a singles life......   Blessings,  Judy
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