Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Afternoons

Hello again,

There's something about Sunday afternoons that set it apart from any other day of the week.  As an adult it's been about taking a nap after church and a light lunch.  As a child it was about getting to go home with a friend after church for lunch and play time.  In those days there was evening service and many of us kids sat with our parents after an afternoon of play at a friends house.  If we didn't go to a friends house then we had to take a nap at home.

I'm just about to lay the recliner back as far as it will go, put on my sleeping mask, and doze for a while.  I did want to write before the nap because I don't know how long I will nap.  It's gray out and a bit on the cool side so good napping weather.  Had pizza for lunch so I'm about ready.  Wendy is at my side with the blanket over her.  I think she's already asleep.  It's really windy.  I can hear the howl every now and then.

Good church service today.  Turned out to b a morning of ministry so there was no sermon. Certainly was lots of prayer and individual ministry as Pastor's wife prayed for each and Pastor followed her with a bottle of oil.  It was beautiful to watch as one supported the other during ministry.

Well, nite nite for now.  Blessings....Judy, senior, widowed, and single.
Dried roses saved from my birthday.
A gift from my oldest.

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