Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This is the night

This is the night that will change our lives.  November 8, 2016.

I'm going to write while I watch the election results come in.  Going to my daughters for a watch party and breakfast for dinner!  I love it.  The kids are home schooled so this is a project for them to keep up with the color of the states as things go along, so it will be good for them to learn how the system works.

At the kids now, the smell of breakfast fills the background of the sound of the news media as they continuously talk.  Supposing this and supposing that and hearing too close to call many times.  Dinner is over and most are settling down except for the dish washer loader.  Now down to the business of....watching TV!

Since writing about singles yesterday, I've had occasion to talk to a couple of women about suddenly being single and the response was interesting and familiar.  Pretty much total shock with a huge loud thump as the responsibilities landed on her shoulders.  Seems that even if the woman has participated in decision making, paying bills, etc., the result is the same.  So, in my opinion, it's not just about decisions and paying bills, there's a greater load the husband bares, that is mostly unseen, but definitely there.  Being suddenly single is a culture shock and traumatic.  I don't know why after just a few months or so friends and sometimes family seem to expect you to begin to move forward eagerly living life again, fully functional, thinking clearly, and decisive.  Of course, how the singleness came about is a big factor.  I'd like to see agreement/disagreement in the comment section.  Sharing how we have dealt with such a life change can be....well, a good thing.

This is a short one and I hope there will be some response.  Well, we will have a new direction at the end of the counts.  Blessings for us all.    Judy
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