Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Sunday

The days are moving so fast.  Do you realize it's almost Thanksgiving?  So much to do!

The life I'm living for now is interesting, a challenge and, I prefer to think of it as an adventure!  So, as a result of my need for a new battery I shopped at Walmart, bought the battery, a jumper machine and an all purpose tool.  I'm so very grateful that I still had some money in my bank account and was able to pay for the things I needed.  Living on Social Security...that fixed income they talk about... is indeed a whole different perspective on budgeting.  I do have a part-time (actually on call) job at the hospital which, from time to time, brings in a check.  I also have an on-line Avon web site that is available as an opportunity for income.

This morning I logged on to my bank account to see the activity and there had been a deposit of just under $10 from Avon.  I realized that there would be a draft coming in for insurance that was more than my account balance.  With that Avon deposit there is sufficient money to cover that draft.  It is such a blessing to be on the receiving end of God's favor and provision as he takes care of me.  Another benefit of the cross.

One thing I've been able to do is to keep on keeping on looking for ways to bring in income, even if it's a small amount.  Again, God's intervention on my behalf.  Another "tent making income" is my on line Avon store.  A side note: If you enjoy Avon products my web store is open for business if you have need of a representative.  

As I'm writing I have a drying rack set up with freshly hand washed clothes hanging up to dry.  There is more in the sink in a bucket soaking.  I have one of those clothes lines strung up in the bathroom over that tub which I will pull out for the clothes in the bucket.  All through my life there have been the ups and downs, have and have not.  I learned how to live with and without.  Though a challenge, it has always been a time of imagination  and a measure of fun and encouragement.  

God has provided for me in every way and I'm thankful and grateful to Him for all His Blessings.

My apartment, God's provision.  I am blessed.  Single, Widowed, Senior   Blessings.... Judy

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