Saturday, November 12, 2016

Follow up the morning after

This morning, after 2 cups of coffee and 1.5 walk with Wendy, I took the car to the Quick Quack.  Detailed the minivan.  It hadn't been vacuumed in quite a while so there was much to do.  I regularly taxi my grandchildren to and from their after school activities every week when their Mother and Dad are working.  It is my pleasure because it gives me opportunity to spend some time with them, and I love it.

Anyway, back to this mornings activities.  After detailing the car, I then drove it through the car wash, completing the job.  Met my son in law and a couple of the grands at Roses' for lunch and then drove to their home to show and tell him about the jump start machine that I had purchased along with an all purpose tool for my car.  After he showed me how to use the machine I'd bought I drove home.  Wendy was glad to see me.

My hope is that should the car stall out on me again, I will be able to jump it myself and be on my way.  I have discovered that this is a point of pride.  Not ever wanting to ask for help, doing every-thing myself.  I have also discovered that that isn't practical.

Single! Senior!  Aging means less physical strength.  Some things I used to do have become impossible to do just for lack of strength.  I'm very active, and I push myself a lot, and I sometimes hurt myself trying to do things I used to do.   Funny, I don't mind being 72 but I do mind loosing physical strength.  I seem to continue come up against things that I have to my self!!!  I either have to get some help or do it myself.  Mostly I give up and figure out how to get around the problem.

Learning how to be Single, Senior, and Widowed.     Blessings..... Judy
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