Friday, November 18, 2016


Friday is a good day, an  especially  good day.  My very good friend and I meet at one of our homes for about 3 hours every week.  We just talk about this and that, what's been happening lately.  What we've been thinking.  What God has spoken to us and just all kinds of things.  Some things are serious and some frivolous.  It's a good friend time.  AND THEN WE PRAY.  It's a rally good time.  I find that during the following week I've been encouraged, strengthened and built up for the next days ahead. 

 I'm so thankful for a friend that I can be open and drop any pretenses I might have.  I want to say to those reading this blog that if you do not have a very close friend ask God for one.  We both had prayed for a friend for quite some time and when the time was right, God brought us together.  

I was heading to the mission field and I knew that I needed a prayer partner that would pray with me and for me during the whole process, so I asked God to point her out to me and He did.  At this age I find it refreshing to have a new friend that's a truly good and trustworthy friend.  After many years of moving around I realized that though I had made many friends and knew  some lovely people that I met along the way, that I just didn't have that one close, good, faithful friend.  The time was right.

We have been meeting to pray together for 2 years I think.  It's been consistent, almost never missing a week.    After I came back from a short term missions trip is when we began and I think that was 2013.  We started out meeting together and going to yard sales.  Sometimes meeting at Barnes and Noble and walking the mall casually.  That lasted until the weather got too cold and wet and then we began to meet and talk and pray.  My friend pointed out to me as we continued on, that wasn't it funny that we started out just getting to know each other and goofing off together before we actually settled in and then began to meet and pray.  No doubt God is our guide.

Be a friend, make a friend.  Single, Senior, Widow.... Blessings  Judy
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