Saturday, November 19, 2016

Getting Older and Bolder

I remember when I was younger noticing some seniors that just seemed to think they could do what and say what they wanted.  You know the type, they just speak their mind with no apology or so it seems.  Now that I'm not younger any longer I think I know why they were so bold or at least I think I know.

There are lots of people who have lived lots longer than I have so far, but there seems to be an effect that experience, over the years of living, has on a level of fear and uncertainty.  Hope you are following me here.  Kinda like after you've learned to ride your bike without falling so much, it becomes less scary so you get boulder and start learning how to do tricks on your bike.

So, over time through experience, I think some of us just get boulder as fear proves to be needless or senseless.  In some instances we have proved to ourselves that we can do things we thought we couldn't.  And, there's also the idea that what ever might happen because of our boldness is no big deal.  We don't have as much to loose, or so it seems.

Living long enough to begin to hear of Seniors younger than us expiring, sort of gives a since of...well bravery maybe because we are still living.?? Think it could be an acceptance of the inevitable?  Beats me!  I do think it's interesting to see myself more outspoken, less likely to keep my mouth shut when I think it's time for me to speak up.  Not in a bad way, mind you!
Me carrying grass for the cow in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

Senior, Single, Widow and Bold.....Blessings......Judy
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