Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner at My Daughter's

Just finished a wonderful dinner with the grands and my son-in-law and daughter.  The girls helped with the pies.  We had turkey, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds, rolls and Waldorf salad with cranberry fiz drink.  Pretty table and great company.  This was the first of three.  I didn't get to have any pie so I'll have it for breakfast when I get there in the morning to watch the parade.

Then it's to more family's home for a special brunch and I'm looking forward to that.  Lot's of family from my son-in-laws side, plus the grands.

Then on Friday more Thanksgiving dinner with my other daughter and her family.  She is fixing our family traditional dinner with her dad's dressing and turkey.  The dressing was his specialty and we've all tried our hand at duplicating it, maybe she's done it this time.  It's always fun.  We have to travel a bit to get to her and that will be fun too with family.

This is going to be a memorable Thanksgiving for sure.  God bless you all.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings.....Mom, Gramms, and Content.  Judy
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