Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Learning, learning, and learning!

Hi Folks,

Just now typing the word "Folks" reminded me of trying to explain what that word means to a Rwandan that I worked with. His most spoken language was French mixed with English, the national language being Kinyarwandan. So, here am a West Texan trying to explain to another nationality what "Folks" means. Try it!

Back to my title....Learning! I've been researching how to do things on my blog and I'm learning. Found that folks who are trying to leave a comment are having to fill out a form or something like that. I haven't found a place that shows me what it looks like so I didn't know that. I hope it is not offensive. I'm gonna continue looking for the ways and means of how this works. It's fun, this blogging. I like to write, whether it's any good is up to the reader and whether it's worth returning to time after time, again, is up to the reader. I actually recommend it if you are a person that feels you have something you'd like to say and can't find anyone to say it to. Just a thought.

In the next few days I will be visiting with family that I've not seen for a while, so I'm eager to find out what they've been doing in life. What they are interested in. It's gonna be fun and interesting. I truly hope that your time during this Thanksgiving time will be a blessing in every way.

Til I write again... Blessings, Judy; single, senior, and widowed.

My friend is sitting at the desk.

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