Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Hello dear ones,

Yup, today is one of those for me.  No big deal really.  Had a super busy Thanksgiving weekend and a terrific Sunday at church.  Yesterday was Taxi day and somewhere along the way I managed to hurt my bum ankle so that it's just a bit sore and it talks to me throughout the day.  So, today I'm wearing my ankle brace to give it support.

Wouldn't get my self moving this morning and it's been that way all day.  My mood is good, just kinda not up and at-em.  My apartment is decorated so all is good.  I'm going to make my grocery list on line in a little bit so I can pick up my groceries on Friday before the weekend storm.  I love ordering the groceries online and then picking them up from Walmart.  Keeps me from overspending.

I did make a pumpkin bread today.  Put some walnuts in it and drizzled a glaze over it.  Sure was good.  I have lots left, enough for breakfast.  It's been a day of rest and I'm thankful.

'til next time folks....be blessed,     Judy              and, try a day off once in a while!

On my mini-van rear window.
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