Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Me...Gramms 2013
This is me.  Taken before I went to Africa on a short term trip.

I missed posting yesterday.  I was soooo busy yesterday I was just flat out too pooped to pop!  I was Taxi yesterday for the grands and that's always fun and rushed.  I dropped them, the basket ball players off at the wrong place.  OH DEAR.... I said to my daughter this morning on the phone.  She said all was ok though.  Their Dad was already on his way to watch them play and so he found them and took them to the right place.  One of them didn't get to play because he was too late but it all worked out okay.

Threw me in a tizzy to say the least.  Thinking about what the kids must have gone through, but their Mom said they handled it very well and did what they were suppose to do.  Called their Dad and waited.
My taxi routine has been amended as a result and now I will go inside to be sure they are in the right place and are suppose to be there that day.  It's ok though, I just like hanging with them.

New subject:  As I go along in these days thinking I'm 30ish I'm jarred by the fact that I get tired way before I think I should and I just can't manhandle things anymore.  Too heavy or too tight or something.  Oh, and a day or so after I've attached a project I discover I'm moving slower and I have some unfamiliar aches and pains I didn't have yesterday.  Then there's the change in the weather.  Whoa...didn't see that coming.  Just overall stiffness and soreness.

All for this go-round.  Keep coming back... Senior, Single, & Widowed.   Blessings, Judy
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