Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Every day is a new day

Isn't it wonderful that no two days are exactly the same?  No two Wednesdays are the same either.  Today was different cuz I had to get up extra early and go to the clinic and get my blood drawn for my annual exam.  They call it an assessment and they ask me all kinds of questions and even little word tests to see how well I remember things  I'm a Senior!

It's a good thing to go to a clinic that specializes in senior care.  So, I'm glad I get to be part of it.  It's part of God's provision for me.

The rest of the day I took it easy.  Wendy and I walked our usual route and then came home and watched the news and I worked on beading projects.  Very relaxing and creative.  I like that.  I'm gonna get to bed early tonight so I can get a good nights sleep.  I think I've talked about how the prospective of the days of the week change after retirement.

Even when you keep busy the days have a different place in the week than they did when you worked or had a house full of family.  For instance, Monday is no longer a dreaded day approached  with  hesitancy and heels dug in against the inevitable.  Tuesday is usually a brighter day but there's still the whole week ahead of you... You get the idea.

Now, at least for me, everyday is new and full of opportunity and possibilities. I do have a morning routine and when that's done I get to do all kinds of things, of course I have to make room for appointments...all kinds, and I get to choose what's next.  I love it.  In this season of retirement I get to do things that I didn't have time for.  Most is just playing.  The challenges are to be a self starter and get going.  That sometimes includes a recliner nap!  Oh, and visiting friends.  It is important to not get stuck and set yourself up for boredom.  Find things you like to do, several things so when you get tired of one, you can switch to another.  Specially when the weather is cold and wet.  In a couple of days we are suppose to have our first freeze...a hard freeze.

The geese are gathering on the playa lake so the warm sunny days will not be around much as the season changes.    I'm so thankful for seasons that change and that no two days are exactly the same.

Tomorrow is gonna be a good day.  Blessings....  Senior, Single, and Widowed, Judy
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